To perform an Advanced Case Search, you can search by any of the following criteria: Defendant Name, Date Range, or Attorney State ID to perform this search. Simply enter any combination of these criteria in the areas provided and click on the 'Advanced Find' button. If a matching Case is found in our system, then this information will be displayed to you.

For your convenience you are also given the ability to sort the search results by Date/Time (Hearing Date), Defendant Last Name, and Court Case Number. Simply select the appropriate option for which you would like to sort by.

If you are unsure of the name spelling you can enter a % in the begining or end of a portion of the name.This will bring back any name with those letters.
Example - %Smit will return any name with Smit as the last four letters.
Example - Smit% will return any name with Smit in the first four letters.